Backyard Getaway

Staying in is the new going out, and outdoor design has never been better. 2020 has pushed outdoor spaces to work harder to create experiences you crave in a stylish, thoughtfully designed atmosphere.
Backyards are no longer just a bland exterior, they have become an important part of any home. There are a number of ways to design a backyard getaway– whether you are looking to create a space where you can escape with peace and quiet or throw fabulous parties, there are many incredible ideas you can use to create a backyard that you love.

1. Deck up your deck –Define different activity zones within your deck to make it a destination. With multiple levels, you can carve out separate spaces for relaxing, entertaining and dining. You can cover a pergola with beautiful vines and abundant potted plants to bring your garden up onto the deck so that the structure blends into the landscape.
2. Create the perfect patio – With the perfect design, you can make your patio a welcoming addition of your house where you can enjoy fresh air and sunshine. With fantastic planning, you can turn your patio into a seasonal room that gives you comfort and relaxation. The surfaces of a patio are usually brick or stone. If you choose concrete, consider adding color and texture to give it a natural look. Add container gardens, planting beds and weather-proof furniture to add style to the outdoor space.
3. Add an outdoor kitchen – If you love eating outdoors or grilling, an outdoor kitchen is a must. All you need is a grill, countertop for food prep, a separate side burner, closed storage, and other conveniences to ensure that you have a fantastic outdoor cooking experience. To make preparation and cleaning even easier, you could add a fridge and sink.
4. Get the privacy you want – You can make your outdoor space feel more like an oasis by adding an enclosure. Garden walls, and fences are primary ways to ensure privacy–however, you can also use pergolas, lattice, and landscaping to define outdoor spaces and screen the views of houses around you.
5. Cozy up with heat– An outdoor fireplace or fire pit can turn an outdoor space into a toasty early or late season retreat. Make sure to consider the BTU outputs– if you get one that is too low, it will primarily be used for ambiance rather than warmth. Adding stone seating surrounding the fire is a nice and safe way to provide a gathering place for you and your guests.
6. Outdoor sound abounds– You can add high tech ways to entertain your guests in your outdoor space by incorporating the latest in music and television technology. Now it is easy to watch movies, live sports or even host a dance party in your backyard! Your house can provide you with the perfect ambiance for a relaxing time at home or an unforgettable karaoke session.
7. Add a spa or pool – To make your backyard a luxurious retreat, you can add a spa or pool to your property. There are a number of things to think about before making this change so be sure to talk to a professional. Location, electrical plans, subdivision covenants along with other considerations are necessary, but with careful planning- this would ensure you would never want to leave your stay-cation!
8. Plan your outdoor lighting – To make sure you get to enjoy your backyard paradise even after the sun goes down, outdoor lighting is vital. From the most basic porch lights to solar powered accent lights both are wonderful options to add drama and interest to your backyard landscape and to highlight walking paths.

Creating your personal oasis in your backyard is not difficult as long as you have a sparkling design and solid planning. Your backyard can be the space that you cherish most when you make it a place where you can entertain loved ones or relax in solitude.

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